Saturday, August 15, 2009

Right after we went canoeing. It was a so much fun!
Okay way long story ha ha. Well my cousins daughter Romalyn thought this guy was so cute! He was helping out with the canoeing. They all wanted me to go ask for his number. Don't think to much because he was 16 lol.
Another picture of us crazy girls in a canoe it was scaring me more because they kept on rocking the boat!
This is my my cousin's daughter Romalyn and I we had a lot of fun hanging out this day.
Wow this was my first time going canoing it was pretty crazy I tell ya. I was so scared. Maybe I was more scared because there were four blonds in a boat. lol.

This day was so much fun. It was the 24th of July I spent a lot of time with my sister Laura, her kids, and my cousins. We went to this camp after the parade.


Yes that water was very cold!! This was at the splash pads!
Naomi at the splash pads!! I think she was trying not to get wet.
Just me!
Naomi and I at the park being so funny taking pictures!!
Naomi is so beautiful!

We went to the park that was right next to the spash pads wow my face looks kinda silly ha ha!!
Naomi and I on the 4th of July wearing matching shirts oh how cute!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


One of my friends that came camping. It was a lot of fun.
Well while trying to catch fish I found a bunch of little crabs. This is one of the ones that I found. I thought about taking it home but did not know if that was the best idea.
While camping this was the lovely bond fire it was pretty much amazing!!!!!
This was my first time fishing ever. I almost caught a couple. It gets kinda boring after a while. But one thing I sure learned is don't ever go fishing without a license. Cops don't like that.

GIRLS TIME!!!!!!!!!

A Chinese man in Las Vegas did this awesome pictures with your name. It looked really good.
The four of us standing by a palm tree by a gigantic mall in Las Vegas.
Naomi, Rachael, and Esther while we were in Vegas! Aw what lovely sisters lol.
Kasey and I in Las Vegas :0)
Probably the biggest bubble bath with our swimming suits. This was the nice jacuzzi in our condo in Mesquite!!

Naomi and Kasey wanted this cookie dough. They both ate about the whole entire thing. Then when we went to Walmart Naomi bought a whole box of ice cream sandwiches and ate about the whole box herself.
Naomi and I while we were driving to Mesquite!!

My beautiful Sister Ray and I right before we started driving to Mesquite.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is when we first was about to leave. Wow when we saw what we were driving in to Salt lake we were all stoked. It was the first time for me riding in a limo. It was a blast.
This is one of the instructors his name is twitch from you think you can dance. He taught us crunk similar to hip hop. It was really fun having him teach us.
Okay extremely long story lol. Well it was my birthday and he found out and he is one of the teachers and Adult dance and Fitness. He climbed over everybody in the limo and kissed me. It was so embarrassing.

Wow this was such a fun birthday for me!! It was such hard work but, so worth it!!



This was a few pictures taken mothers day. We were all just having fun and being silly. We also enjoyed Ray visiting very much!


This is one of my best friends Kasey Bowden! She is such a good friend and I'm glad we have been close friends for several years!! I'm grateful I have a awesome friend like her!

This is my wonderful brothers and sisters!! I love them so much!! Family is my comfort, my guide, and my best friends!!

My wonderful ride!!

I love my scooter so much! I got my scooter in September of "08"
I have so much fun with my scooter!! I have had so many fun times with it. One I remember is when I lived in St. George Ray and I went grocery shopping with my scooter and we bought to much so Ray had to hold some of my groceries and hold on to me while driving it was so hilarious!!