Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We were really thirty and wanted to take a picture at the same time lol you could actually see me drinking my root beer ha and craig had apple beer guys were really very clean people and not aiming to drink!!
Mmmm!! Craig eating some pasta!!

Okay I swear sometimes Craig has the craziest looks and this is one of them he seriously looks like the grinch in this picture with his expression ha ha. This was a great day with Craig we enjoy going on dates when we can instead of just hanging out!! Even thought thats still fun so we can talk a lot. We went to a all you can eat pasta and salad for lunch, the place is by the mega plex I'm not sure what its called. It was a good place to eat. We were so stuffed. Then when we got to my house we threw on a movie and fell asleep pretty fast ha ha. It was nice to take a nap. For dinner that night we made breakfast for dinner we had pancakes, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, and juice!! It was a good dinner. Jazz was playing so bunch of people were watching I think they barely lost this game. Later after Craig and I washed the dishes we went to see a movie at the 3 dollar theater. The movie was called " Everyone is fine" I think. It was a good movie but even better to spend time with my sweethear!!


Well I didn't really do much this holiday I worked a whole lot!!! I worked a twelve hour shift 6-6 then 2-10 it was a crazy couple days!! But good money and great service!! I love my job even though it take tons of patience and hard work. But it was extremely nice that my fiance Craig came and saw me after he got out of work that night at 12 I LOVED SEEING HIM!!

DECEMBER 28, 2009

Yes!!!!!! It was so amazing I did get my dress!!! Its so beautiful I love it so much I wanted to cry when I had it on. I felt like a princess!! My sister hannah and I first drove down to american fork and stopped at wendy's too get a bite too eat and to wait for my sister and aunt sandy that came with us. Thank goodness the wendy's didn't effect me trying on a dress ha ha!! Well we went to the store and tried it on and they said it was too big and this dress was a size 4 so we had to drive out to orem and get the size too and they said it fit perfect and I don't need alterations so I better not gain weight before the big day ha ha. It was such a great experience! I am very grateful that my sisters and aunt came with me. They were all really excited! I was even trying on veils too. I was so happy! I wanted Craig too see me so bad! Darn traditions if it wasn't for that I would post pictures but can't sorry!! But just know it looks amazing and I got a killer deal for it and thats why I bought it so early!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


December 25, 2009

WOW!!! This Christmas was the most incredible day ever!! I had to get up extra early at like 5 in the morning because I had to work a four hour shift at work :( 6am-10am at least it wasn't all day and the money is really good. I made sure I looked really good for work for I could just get home and not look like I just woke up. I wanted to curl my hair but I cared about my sleep a bit since I had to stay up a bit and wrap presents and make my cheesecake which turned out very ugly looking!! I was so glad when I got out of work it was a huge relief. It was also funny because no one in my house was not allowed to open presents until I got home. :) I was glad to get home. I got some nice gifts nothing too much rope, straightener, exercise pad, and other stuff. CRAIG FINALLY CAME OVER everyone wanted him to hurry up but they had to leave he loved the blanket I got him. It turned out so good!!! After he opened up his present we headed to his house. When I got to his house I got to open up my first present it was embarrassing cause his sister recorded it wierd. The present was a hoodie from snow college where we first met. ( so cute) Then we all had lunch at his house and his family played white elephant it was pretty funny how is family does it. After that I helped take a few of fam pics for them. Then Craig game me my second present it was a HUGE tennis ball lol loving our tennis times. When we were about to leave his house he gave me another present it was a pumpkin pie. Don't worry guys he always teases me. lol Then we all left towards his grandparents houses. In the car he gave me another present goodness ha it was a nice necklace and bracelet (he doesn't have bad taste) :) It was nice meeting some of his family and grandparents they seem like wonderful people I also really loved spending time with his parents and siblings. After we went to his grandparents we decided to go to temple square and see the lights since we haven't and been wanting to. But man IT WAS COLD and so Craig and I walked around and I told him I was freezing and he insisted on still walking around so we did it was nice to see such a beautiful temple with all the pretty lights at this point I WAS NUMB and I told craig we need to go inside lets go and he said, " Wait I have something to ask you", and thats when he knelt down and said a ton of cute stuff and asked me to marry him!!!!!!! AND I DID SAY YES!!!!!!!!!! After that the whole night was amazing I couldn't stop hugging him. I love him so much!!!! I HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY! We are aiming to get married on June 5th, 2010 I TRULY CAN'T WAIT it'll be the best day of my entire life!!!!!!!!!!

December 21, 2009

We finally got a picture updated with all of us kids!!!! This was a at the family Christmas dinner! It was so nice to have the whole family together that's always such a great feeling to see that. I love my family so much there amazing even if it gets crazy I also had a work party that night but it was nice not having to work!!

December 16, 2009

This is just another cute picture of us!! Sorry not a very clear picture but you can see how good looking he is lol.
I don't know if Craig makes a good Santa Clause he needs to gain a ton of weight and grown a ton of white hair in order to do that. I think he was getting excited for chirstmas!!!
We decided to play leap from with these statues lol I had pics of me doing it but Craigs phone broke lol.
This is just the normal Craig and I ha ha this is when we went down to 25th street and saw the Christmas lights together it was nice I love spending time with him. We always have a such an amazing time together.

December 18, 2009

I like this picture a lot!! He looks so handsome mmmm!!!!!
After we went sledding we went to Craigs house and built gingerbread houses. It was so much fun. Ours looked the best ha ha but it fell over like a hundred times before it got this good looking. My sisters looked good we called hers the shack and Criags sisters house the barn. We had a way good time.
Craig and I went down together on this stupid sled it wasn't a good sled at all and when we went down we crashed. This is was happened to me my whole leg was bruised not a very good pic. I flipped off the sled and started rolling and I couldn't stop rolling down the hill. Craig skinned his knuckles pretty good too but were alive. I think if we go again together we'll use a better sled.

This is when Craig and I went sledding we look so cold. We went with my sister Naomi, his brother, and brothers friend. It was a lot of fun but we were freezing.
II love Craig so much he is the most amazing guy in the whole wide world!!!
Me and my beautiful niece Sariah!!!!!!
Elijah, Esther, and Jarom!!!!!!!!
This is me and Jarom my nephew!!!!!
Just some fun at Laura's :0)