Monday, October 4, 2010

Our St. George Honeymoon June 6-10, 2010

 Craig and I driving down to St. George we tried
to have fun since it was a long drive.
 Isn't he so handsome. We bought those Kool- aid
drinks they were a buck!

 The beautiful drive to St. George it wasn't bad at all.
 Yes, I got tired and I slept!!!
 A feet picture after we got to st. George.
 We went to this water area to cool off after we got
there. It was so hot!!!
 Us by the beautiful St. George temple. We even
went to a session here at the temple it was great
seeing another temple and spiritual.

 This was in our hotel room. We had a awesome hotel. It was
a bed and breakfast suite. I will try to find other pictures Craigs 
digital camera didn't work on us so we had to buy disposable cameras. 
I will post better ones soon. We had a huge bed and the most amazing jacuzzi
in our hotel room it was so big I probably could fit ten of me in there.
 This picture was taken at a lake in St. George called
sand hollow. We enjoyed ourselves there. The water felt so nice 
with the hot weather. We even had a nice picnic.

 Yes these piictures are from the awesome pool
we had at our hotel. We were in it a lot we loved
it but we also got fried sitting out too long.
 This picture was tooken at Zions National Park in one of 
there shuttles. We enjoyed zions it is such a beautiful park.
We were bummed that the Narrows were shut down but if was
for our own good.
This was taken at the tucan theater. I swear this was the best
theater I ever went to. It was completly awesome. We went and saw
Tarzan. The technology put into it was incredible the flying monkeys and the
actors did a great job.

A few wedding pictures.

 This is me and my sister Rachael right after Craig 
and I left the temple.

 Craigs mom putting on his flower, she was having
a difficult time lol.
 This is me and Remy. Kaylee houser's daughter she is so
 The whhole crew!
 My brothers and sisters. I love you guys.
 Craig and I and his family. Love you guys too.
 Craigs two favorite ladies!!!
 This is me and my beautiful mother.

There are so many wonderful pictures we have so I am just putting a few up enjoy!!!

June 5, 2010 My perfect wedding day!!

Today was such an incredible day it felt almost perfect. Everything went so smoothly. I loved it!!! I got up at 5:00 a.m today because I had to get everything ready for later like  my dress, dress skirt, touch up bag, girls flowers, and so so much more. Kaylee picked me up about 5:45 a.m since my hair apt was at 6:00 a.m. My hair apt went great. I loved my hair the person that did my hair was Tamera Rees co-worker and Kaylee paid for it, I know like she hasn't done enough. I don't think Craig and I would have made it without her she has done a marvelous job. Aferwards my mom, Naomi, Sarah, and I drove up to Salt Lake City we had to be at the temple at 8:45 a.m. My sisters were a great help with helping me carry everything. Craig and I then got to check into the temple to show that we were there. My mom and I left she helped me get ready for the ceiling. Me and Craig then had time alone in the most beautiful room. The ceiling went beautifully even though I was so nervous but really excited we had a lot of family and f riends show up for it. My mom and Laura then helped me in the most beautiful brides room to get ready in my dress and walk out the tem;ple with Craig. My dress took forever because it was tie up. It was amazing walking out with my now husband Craig seeing all our family. Pictures at the temple seriously felt like more then a century long. One I was tired two hungry and three in pain with my chest. But hey we has the most amazing photographer so it was worth  it. After pictures my mom, Craig, and his family went to lions house pantry by the temple. It was really good food all homemade. We then went our seperate ways. The reception went great too. We had lots of people who came. Were so grateful for everyone that came. The place looked so great decorated ounce again  Kaylee did a awesome job. Oh and Yes I did ACCIDENTLY made Craigs nose bleed while giving him the cake, come on I had to smash it I couldn't let me sisters down. But I promise I didn't hit him hard cake just went so far up his nose it made him bleed. Hey we all have our stories with our wedding and this is mine. Well, craig and I finally got to leave I was very ready to my face felt like it was going to fall off from smiling and my feet were tired from standing and my body was sick of being in the dress.We did had a great wedding day. Thank you everyone for all your support for me and Craig.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

June 4, 2010 ( The night before the big day)

Wow I am so tired today I had to work for awhile they let me off early though so thats good. This week I've done tons with the wedding. I don't think I would make it without Kaylee she has been a gigantic help with the wedding and she is such a wonderful friend love her to death. I'm so glad everything has gone so nicely though. Well, Sarah stayed up with me for a long time tonigh I was fixing my toe nails a little for tomorrow and I had to blow dry and straighten my hari for the hair dresser. I also had to finish all the flowers for tomorrow for all of the sisters. I am so excited for tomorrow I really can't believe it ahhhhhhhh!!! Goodnight!!

June 2, 2010

Today was such a great day one it is getting super closer to me and Craigs wedding day. Second Craig and I went to the temple with Korey and Laura. Wow it was such a great experience to be able to go with my sister nad my soon to be husband to the temple. I love going to the temple it is such an amazing feeling and I am so greateful for families that we can go to the temple together. I'm sure glad that my sister Laura enjoyed her time with me at the temple. Thanks Laura and Love you!!!

My Endownments May 29,2010

Wow today was such an amazing day for me, I felt so happy and the spirit was so strong. I had so much support from family and friends.The people that came was my mom of course she was with me through the whole thing, it was so great to have my mom with me I could feel her love and happiness I felt really close to her. Other people that came were my soon to be husband Craig, Laura, Korey, Josh, Amber, Jody, Dave, and a few others were there it was wonderful. Afterwards Craig and I went to go eat at Golden Coral it was so good. I had such a great day!!

More Engagement pics!!! May 2010

The amazing Jody Hathaway aka Craigs mom also took all of these she is great!!!