Monday, October 4, 2010

Our St. George Honeymoon June 6-10, 2010

 Craig and I driving down to St. George we tried
to have fun since it was a long drive.
 Isn't he so handsome. We bought those Kool- aid
drinks they were a buck!

 The beautiful drive to St. George it wasn't bad at all.
 Yes, I got tired and I slept!!!
 A feet picture after we got to st. George.
 We went to this water area to cool off after we got
there. It was so hot!!!
 Us by the beautiful St. George temple. We even
went to a session here at the temple it was great
seeing another temple and spiritual.

 This was in our hotel room. We had a awesome hotel. It was
a bed and breakfast suite. I will try to find other pictures Craigs 
digital camera didn't work on us so we had to buy disposable cameras. 
I will post better ones soon. We had a huge bed and the most amazing jacuzzi
in our hotel room it was so big I probably could fit ten of me in there.
 This picture was taken at a lake in St. George called
sand hollow. We enjoyed ourselves there. The water felt so nice 
with the hot weather. We even had a nice picnic.

 Yes these piictures are from the awesome pool
we had at our hotel. We were in it a lot we loved
it but we also got fried sitting out too long.
 This picture was tooken at Zions National Park in one of 
there shuttles. We enjoyed zions it is such a beautiful park.
We were bummed that the Narrows were shut down but if was
for our own good.
This was taken at the tucan theater. I swear this was the best
theater I ever went to. It was completly awesome. We went and saw
Tarzan. The technology put into it was incredible the flying monkeys and the
actors did a great job.

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